Caimh McDonnell, Michael J Dolan, Gladdies Night, Nottingham

Gladdies Night celebrated it’s fourth birthday celebrated in it’s own brilliantly shambolic way this week. Probably the only comedy club in the world with a dog bowl at it’s entrance. The line up for this show was as strong as ever.

First up was the gloriously peevish Michael J Dolan. Venting spleen on a variety of topics notably his friends (“energy burglars”), children and relationships. Long may his misery continue. Very entertaining.

There were two very confident short spots in the “middle bit”. Ben Hustwayte was reminiscent of Jack Whitehall (who’s previously played at Gladdies), showing great energy and delivery. Whilst Scott Bennett seemed to be channelling the spirits of Peter Kay, John Bishop and Jason Manford, and received a great reception. I’ll certainly be using the phrase “carvery trousers” at some point in the near future.

Intensely likeable Caimh (pronounced queeve) McDonnell was a very adept headlined act. The crowd instantly at ease with his gentle style. We’d have happily listened to him discuss pretty much anything. In the event the highpoint was his (apparently true)  account of being attacked by a badger whilst drunk in Manchester city centre. Caimh’s not only a fantastic stand up, but also the writer of the excellent kids cartoon Pet Squad for which he received a BAFTA nomination.

As usual the proceedings were guided by the increasingly excellent Chris Stokes bravely battling on with the worst joke competition in the world, and entertaining us with news from the frontline of a vegan festival.

The next Gladdies Night is on 28th November. The line up is yet to be confirmed, but it’s likely to be superb. Come along and support Nottingham’s best little comedy club.

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